The Way We Live

San franisco offices at night

The way we live is the way that the world is. We live for the beauty in everything that we see. We live to become better, to become brighter, and to become more alive.

We follow our dreams because it is the only thing we know how to do. We follow the people we hope to become, living each day, hoping that it will matter. Every day we wish for the life we want to live, but it is a long way off. We dream because we must have hope, we must will ourselves to live on.

We work tirelessly day-in and day-out, pushing forward into the unknown, groping for the future we so desperately wish to possess. Work becomes us because work is the final frontier; work is the path to our dreams. When we are young, we believe that dreams just come true, that one day we will simply wake up, and our aspirations will have become reality overnight. But soon we realize that the world is so much more intelligent and complex than that. To see a dream realized without contemplation and magnificent labor is to have created a volatile and unsustainable dream. We find out that in order to maintain happiness and to sustain that dream, we must work every day for it.

We live to work, to learn, and to help the world become a more beautiful place. The world is our canvas and we have to paint a more beautiful picture, leaving our own unique mark on history.

Our own unique perspective fuels us; we charge on, moving towards an unknown, but unexpectedly spectacular goal far off in the future. And we are successful, not because of outside influences, but because of our on interior drive for success. We change the world because of the way we live, the way we choose to live each and every day of our lives.

We are the ones who’s light’s stay on many hours past dusk as we work on into the night. We are the ones who are up at dawn and ready to change our lives, our careers and the entire planet each moment.

We are not alone, we are living together and for each other; our purpose on this planet is to love one another and make the world a more equal, loving, and prosperous planet overall.

This is the way we live, and it’s the way we should be living. Because this is the life we were meant to live and these are things we are supposed to be doing. And we must continue on, learning, living, thriving, working, loving, and thinking every day. That’s the way we live.

Love, Ethan Brown Jones

All Dressed in Love


I have grown so much in the last couple of weeks. I have lived so much and learned so much and realized so much. But one thing that I have learned which was always there I think, is that you should never forget love. I was watching Sex and the City the other day, and I know this sounds corny, but I got inspired by it. There has always been something very inspiring about the ending to the the movie for me. I think it may be nothing more than Jennifer Hudson’s incredible song “All Dressed in Love,” but I always feel like I want to love more people in my life, and cherish the incredible friendships that I already have. I want to open my heart up more and let in the love from everyone in my life.

In the end of Sex and the City there is such an incredible feeling of lifelong friendship. In that scene, they have realized that their friendship is about more than silly little things and that they will always love each other, through the best and worst of times. That ending seen always reminds me of two things: the incredible relationships that I both love and take for granted and the power of waking up every day and ‘dressing yourself in love,’ so to speak. By living every day the way you want to and making the most out of every minute, you come to realize a new appreciation for the power of happiness and love. You live the way you want to, you love the people that you love, and you make the decision whether to ‘dress yourself in love’ every day.

By ‘dressing yourself all in love,’ you are saying that you will focus more on the love in your life than on the hate. You are saying that you are stronger than most people, and that you will never let yourself feel bad because of someone else’s hate. When you ‘dress yourself in love,’ you are saying that you love yourself so much, that nothing will ever bring you down. You are saying that you love everyone, no matter who they are. You are saying that you will simply write off and forget about anything but pure and true love.

‘Dressing yourself in love’ is about dressing the way you want to, expressing yourself, and being the most honest version of yourself. It means you will never forget your dreams or stop loving the people you fall so hard in love for. It means that you will remember the good times and not the bad. It means that you will live every day as honestly as you can, never being untrue to yourself or others about your feelings.

When I started on my journey to better myself and my life, I told myself that above almost anything else, being ‘all dressed in love’ would be my guiding light. Although I admit that I am sometimes loud and mean, I am always honest. Because I have realized that I love love more than anything else in this world. And love is based on truth and honesty. I have learned to love myself and my life more than anything else. I have learned to love every moment that I spend with my friends, family, and lovers, the good and the bad. Life is all about love. I am always ‘all dressed in love.’ Love is my life.

Love, Ethan Brown Jones

Life Grows, Grow With It!


As with all things, I feel that I am constantly changing, growing, and living. Over the past few years, I have grown overall as a person. I’ve grown smarter, nicer, more mature, and less naive. But my life has grown as well. I’ve met more people than I ever would have thought possible. Many things have happened to me that have made my life grow in size and intensity. I have more people to care about, more things to do, more responsibilities to keep, and more complicated relationships than ever before.  My life has grown so much more taxing and confusing, yet subtly simple and beautiful. I have grown as well, at first slowly and painfully, but now expertly.

So many things in my life have become clearer, more defined. I have realized who I am and become the best version of myself. I see things now as they really are, no silver lining, no lies. My life isn’t perfect, I’ll be the first to admit that. But through all the truth I’ve grown to see the beauty. I see beauty in the graceful and quiet sunset, in the green leaves of the trees around me, in the faces of the people walking by, in the neatly arranged clothes in my closet, and in the city lights shining in the night below me. I’ve grown to realize the people that I love, and the ones that I should simply walk away from. I’ve grown to see both the ugly and beautiful truths that this world has to offer. I’ve grown to be able to make my life the way I want it to be. My naivety is gone now, the reality has set in, and I like it. I have grown to observe everything as it truly is, no misconceptions, nothing but sweet reality.

My life has grown so much, that I almost can’t keep up. I am now a blogger. I am a gay fashionista teen. I am a makeup artist. I am a stylist. I am a jazz pianist. I am a fashion designer. I am a student library assistant. I am a landscape architect. I am an artist. I am everything that I want to be at once, and I have never been happier.

And yet I’ve grown to realize that something will always be missing from my life. I’ve grown to realize I am not easy to love. I have such a large personality and I am so sure of who I am and what I believe in, that it’s hard to love me. I have grown to accept this just as all else. I accept my flaws, and I accept my talents.

Growing as a person and learning to love life is more about letting go of perfection than anything else. It’s about looking at what is, changing your life for the better, and seeing beauty in every single moment of every day. Growing is about making things better: living more, loving more, letting go more. I’ve grown as a person, not because I let things be, but because I’ve thought a lot. I’ve lost a lot. I’ve seen a lot. And I have made myself who I am today. Growing is about moving with life, the ups, the downs, the loves, and the losses. It’s about defining yourself and refining your life. I’ve grown more than I can say. And I will keep on growing, life does!

Love, Ethan Brown Jones