All Dressed in Love


I have grown so much in the last couple of weeks. I have lived so much and learned so much and realized so much. But one thing that I have learned which was always there I think, is that you should never forget love. I was watching Sex and the City the other day, and I know this sounds corny, but I got inspired by it. There has always been something very inspiring about the ending to the the movie for me. I think it may be nothing more than Jennifer Hudson’s incredible song “All Dressed in Love,” but I always feel like I want to love more people in my life, and cherish the incredible friendships that I already have. I want to open my heart up more and let in the love from everyone in my life.

In the end of Sex and the City there is such an incredible feeling of lifelong friendship. In that scene, they have realized that their friendship is about more than silly little things and that they will always love each other, through the best and worst of times. That ending seen always reminds me of two things: the incredible relationships that I both love and take for granted and the power of waking up every day and ‘dressing yourself in love,’ so to speak. By living every day the way you want to and making the most out of every minute, you come to realize a new appreciation for the power of happiness and love. You live the way you want to, you love the people that you love, and you make the decision whether to ‘dress yourself in love’ every day.

By ‘dressing yourself all in love,’ you are saying that you will focus more on the love in your life than on the hate. You are saying that you are stronger than most people, and that you will never let yourself feel bad because of someone else’s hate. When you ‘dress yourself in love,’ you are saying that you love yourself so much, that nothing will ever bring you down. You are saying that you love everyone, no matter who they are. You are saying that you will simply write off and forget about anything but pure and true love.

‘Dressing yourself in love’ is about dressing the way you want to, expressing yourself, and being the most honest version of yourself. It means you will never forget your dreams or stop loving the people you fall so hard in love for. It means that you will remember the good times and not the bad. It means that you will live every day as honestly as you can, never being untrue to yourself or others about your feelings.

When I started on my journey to better myself and my life, I told myself that above almost anything else, being ‘all dressed in love’ would be my guiding light. Although I admit that I am sometimes loud and mean, I am always honest. Because I have realized that I love love more than anything else in this world. And love is based on truth and honesty. I have learned to love myself and my life more than anything else. I have learned to love every moment that I spend with my friends, family, and lovers, the good and the bad. Life is all about love. I am always ‘all dressed in love.’ Love is my life.

Love, Ethan Brown Jones

Love: Exposed & Unafraid


Love. You don’t know how much you need it and want it until it’s gone. Love is everything. It binds us to everyone and everything else in our lives. When we look out at the sun through the trees and think “Wow. If I could just look at that view for my whole life, I would be happy forever!,” that’s love. We feel that special energy course through us that no other thing can give us but love. When we listen to our favorite song and feel like Queen of the world for that one overwhelming moment, that’s love. Looking at a crush from across a room and feeling like if we could just lie in their arms for the rest of time, we wouldn’t ask for anything else in this world, that’s love.


When we love someone so much that nothing else matters, often we try to cover it up and seclude ourselves. Well, I’m here to tell you to fix that. I believe that love is less about creating the person who we think everybody will love, and more about just being who we are. I think that this life is too short to not be ourselves and tell someone we love them every chance we get. I believe that every relationship, from friends to spouses, must be loved and cherished. Tell everyone who matters that you love them every day. If not for them, at least tell them so that you won’t regret not telling them all that they mean to you.

Love is about being exposed and unafraid. Any love worth having is worth feeling vulnerable and scared about. Love should make you feel more open and more uncomfortable than almost anything else in your life.

Love is about opening up more than you ever have before in your life time. It’s about letting yourself be taken by someone else and becoming a part of that person’s world.

Love is about losing one’s self, but gaining a feeling like no other. It’s about looking past every problem and flaw and feeling completely head-over-heels in love with someone. It’s about looking at everything you love about someone and finding the beauty in every little small thing they do. When you’re in love, cherish it, feel it, and be grateful for it. Because when it’s gone, you will miss it more then anything in the world.

Love is about enjoying everything that surrounds you. It’s about seeing the joy and beauty in things and loving the little things in life.  Love deeply influences who I am as a designer. Love is what inspires me to create something beautiful and sexy. Love makes me want to design something that will make someone happy and give them a little love in their life. Designing and love go hand in hand for me. Designing is one of my loves. I will love fashion and designing forever. They make me feel so exposed, and yet unafraid.

I love fashion and I love all the people that have brought me joy in my life. There’s only a few select people whom I will really always love, but I try to let them know that I do every day. I never stop thinking about the people and things that I love, and I never want to. Love is a part of me, and I never want to lose it.

Love, Ethan Brown Jones

Confidence and Expression: Rules to Live By


As a designer and fashionista, I often have people come up to me and say “God, you always look so cute and you work so hard at it!” Well, here’s my answer:

I don’t look good for anyone but me. For me, fashion is about expressing who I am and who I want to be. It’s about loving me and embracing everything that I hold close to me: my sexuality, my fashion, my loves, my passions, and everything that I am. I also look good because if I want to be the best version of myself and find the love of my life, I should feel confident and sexy in what I am wearing and how I carry myself.

Fashion for me isn’t just about clothing; and neither is being a designer. Fashion and designing are about creating a whole look and an image for someone, whether its me or someone else. When styling myself, I wear clothes that are me, my personality, my way, totally me. I style my hair the way I want to for me, and do my makeup the way I want to. Everything about my fashion is an expression of who I am. When Designing for and styling someone else, I try to express how they want to be perceived and who they are.

Fashion is about confidence: loving your look, and never backing down. It’s about wearing everything the way you want to and owning it! Buy things that make you feel confident, sexy, and loved. To make it in most places in this world, you have to own everything about yourself. In the fashion industry, especially when one’s a designer, you have to be ready to feel confidence in yourself, your look, and your designs.

For me, confidence and expression are rules to live by. I live everyday by these rules and I hope that you can too. I am all about expression in my designs, clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and fashion. When I walk out of the house every morning I feel like me and no one else. I display the true image of me in every way. Confidence and expression define me. To make it in creative arts, Broadway, fashion, and as a celebrity, these are rules to live by. Never dilute who you are for anybody else, ever.

You are fabulous, stay that way. Exude confidence in everything you do, and express who you are. You only have one life to be you. Why spend it being someone else? Be your own stylist, your own fashionista, and your own designer. Design who you are and who you want to be, no one else can. Own it!

Love, Ethan Brown Jones